Wine Makers Dinner on the 26th of September

Wine makers dinner & Wednesday tasting

On the 26th of September, we host a visit by Dr. Tom Drieseberg from Weingut Wegeler in Mosel and Rheingau. Besides Wegeler, Tom is also the man behind Weingut Krone in Asmanhausen. This gives us the opportunity to visit heritage and saveur beautiful dry and sweet rieslings as well as legendary spätburgunder.

Our regular Wednesday tasting kicks off at 17:00 as usual, with four wines. Three we know of and one surprise.

The Wine Makers Dinner will start at 2000 at our Elephant Admiralgade 26. 5 course dinner and the following wines:

2013 Geisenheimer Rothenberg Sekt

2013 Geheimrat “J”
2008 Geheimrat “J”

2014 Winkler Jesuitengarten GG
2014 Geisenheimer Rothenberg GG

2008 Assmanhausen Höllenberg Weingut KRONE

1983 Bernkasteler Doctor Spätlese

2015 Bernkasteler Doctor BA

Price is 1.050,-

Please sign up for the dinner, by writing us on Facebook, email: or call us 33 33 79 73.